Marketing & communications for
healthcare, life sciences and
medical technology.

For controlled creativity, available on tap.

What we do

Motif is in the behaviour change business.

We’re here to have an impact on what people know, feel, or do.

Those people could be your colleagues, healthcare professionals, health service administrators, patients, consumers, or other stakeholders.

By helping to change what they know, feel, or do, we help you achieve your business objectives. And you can rely on us to make a difference at any stage – from the initial strategic consultancy, to the campaign planning, to the content development, to the design and delivery.

Why clients want to work with us

The way we see it, there are four reasons why out clients want to work with us – and keep coming back for more.
It’s what we call the Four Cs.

Healthy Curiosity
We're born with inquisitive minds.
We get inside the details of your brief. We probe it.
We ingest it. And we deliver on it – to the letter.

Healthy Control
Discipline is part of our DNA.
You consistently get great work that’s on brief, on time, on budget – on the button.

Healthy Creativity
The right brain can only take us so far.
Our work has an impact. It gets you noticed. It makes an impression – and leaves one.

Healthy Connections
Our relationships are symbiotic.
We’re with you for the journey. Utterly dependable.
With controlled creativity – available on tap.


How we work and get results

We’ve codified our processes – to deliver consistent, compliant, creative work, time-after-time-after-time.

For example, idea generation plays a key role in framing the project brief. Our people are coached and incentivised to deliver work that’s 95% right 95% of the time. And, each step of the way, we have checks and balances to ensure our work is compliant – not just creative and compelling.

Who we work with

We work with a select cadre of clients in the healthcare, life sciences, and medical technology sectors.

Although we don’t name names, our clients include the best known and most trusted names in their respective fields. And it’s a source of real pride at Motif that they have turned to us – and they trust us to work with them.

Where we're based
(not that it matters)

We have a couple of physical bases – one in Nottingham and the other in mid-Wales.

But all of our people work remotely.

We like it that way because it makes us more productive (there’s less time and energy spent on commuting), it enables us to hire the best talent (no one is constrained by location), and our people are more content (they appreciate the flexibility it brings).

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